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Important Policies for Criminal Procedure

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  • Last updated:2019-01-15
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Important Policies for Criminal Procedure

A. Strictly carry out the law, be a champion of justice and put prosecution functions into full play.

B. Combine the powers of executive agencies within the area under jurisdiction, put team-work spirit into full play for important policies of thoroughly erasing gangster culture, bribery and corruption, use concrete actions to forcefully investigate situations of falsely migrated people – a phenomenon which distorts the normal development of democracy.

C. Actively and positively investigate illegality and enhance protection for the victims of crime.

D. Properly employ punishment money from deferred prosecutions, and deepen and widen judicial protective affairs.

E. Strengthen ideas of responsibility and efficiency, enhance service quality, and build up an image of investigation which is friendly to people.  

F. Make people understand and obey the law, through educational promotion of the rule of law, in order to construct an attractive society within the rule of law on the island.


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